Our Mission

We have three goals:

  • Advocate student priorities
  • Enable students and student-led organizations to grow and prosper
  • Build and maintain Stern’s strong MBA community

SGov accomplishes these goals with several formal responsibilities: It is the governing body for all graduate student organizations, it coordinates all Stern community service work, and it organizes school-wide social activities.  SGov is also responsible for allocating funds to student organizations, granting club renewals and recognizing new clubs.

Members of SGov’s executive board are elected in annual elections. Block leaders are elected at the beginning of the two-year MBA program. SGov committee chairs are selected at the end of each academic year.

board responsibilities

    Academic Affairs:

    • Foster communication amongst students, faculty, and the administration on matters relating to classes, registration, and other areas of academic importance
    • Responsible for managing the MBA tutoring program

    Alumni Relations:

    • Foster coordination between students, alumni, and the various alumni-facing administrative bodies
    • Responsible for assisting club alumni officers to fulfill their roles and liaising with the Alumni Council and the Development and Alumni Relations Department


    • Help Block Leaders maximize the personal, professional and academic experience for their block mates and themselves
    • Responsible for overseeing block competition and engagement, MBA1/MBA2 block lunches, and organizing Block Olympics

    Career Development:

    • Assist students pursuing less traditional careers succeed at internship placement & career opportunities
    • Coordinate cross-professional events with Stern professional clubs & OCD to create networking forums on multiple levels
    • Responsible for creating open communication between students & OCD to effectively act upon ideas and address concerns 


    • Work with student clubs to organize and collaborate on larger events within the Stern community
    • Monitor events calendar and work to create unified calendar system


    • Coordinate efforts across physical & digital media: poster design, printing and posting, social media postings, mass emails, etc.
    • Responsible for working with the SGov team to organize, manage, and promote SGov activities and events
    • Serve as resource for all student club marketing leads

    Community Committee:

    • Foster greater interaction between students to better integrate the Stern community across classes and blocks by planning school-wide events 

    Community Service:

    • Plan and execute the annual Stern Day of Service
    • Support and partner with students to initiate their community service ideas
    • Responsible for providing a hub of opportunities for students to engage with their community and classmates

    Diversity Committee:

    • Promote and foster an inclusive community where diversity and differences are valued and understood by Stern’s student body
    • Responsible for working with affinity clubs to ensure efforts to promote diversity are addressed and encouraged at Stern

    Dual Degrees:

    • Communicate with students enrolled in a dual degree program to ensure their Stern experience is not negatively impacted by programming/scheduling conflicts
    • Responsible for working alongside administrators and other members of the Stern Student Life Committee to provide maximum support to dual degree students


    • Organize and manage all events sponsored by SGov including Charity Ball and Spring Gala
    • Facilitate MBA1/MBA2 & Langone/Full Time networking opportunities by planning school-wide events
    • Responsible for managing weekly beer blast


    • Handle all financial aspects of SGov including reviewing and revising financial reporting requirements
    • Responsible for setting up, balancing, and maintaining SGov budget
    • Process all reimbursement requests from SGov committees

    International Committee:

    • Support international student needs and advocate international student priorities by acting as the voice of the international student community at Stern
    • Responsible for organizing and managing Passport Day when Sternies get to learn and experience various cultures from classmates via food and music 

    Langone Liaison

    • Improve coordination and collaboration between the Stern full-time and part-time programs


    • Responsible for communicating IT and tech related issues as a liaison between the student body and administration. Prior experience in Tech (coding, systems design, etc.) encouraged
    • Work with the Tech team which is responsible for identifying and implementing technological improvements at Stern
    • Responsible for communicating operational issues as a liaison between the student body and administration
    • Work with the Operations team which is responsible for identifying and implementing technological improvements at Stern